Europe’s largest digital way to invest in real estate.

  • Simply access to assets by starting with a minimum 500 €
  • Stable returns up to 10% per year
  • Audited profitability of all properties

A Real Estate Company You Can Trust

We make the world’s most attractive asset class even more accessible to everyone. ImmoCoin offers you the best way to build up wealth with real estate. Here you will get to know us.

We make concrete to gold

Real estate investments are among the most attractive asset classes in the world, and we make sure that it pays off for you.

Secure Investing without loans or depths

Real Estates are protecting your income and wealth against inflation. Invest without taking loans or depths.

Attractive opportunity risk ratio.

Do not put everything on risk, choose a well-balanced opportunity and risk ratio.

Commercial Estates

We specifically acquire real estate for commercial use with fixed long-term tenancies. Experience, expertise and a historically grown network of partners are helping us to invest your capital fair and reliable.

Here you can see only a few of the properties that can be invested in.

Use potentials right and efficient

The real estate market in Germany is expensive, bloated and overheated.
There are so many places that are just beginning to reach their real potential.

Simply invest in emerging markets and make the most of your potential.

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